Tip 01: Motivation techniques for a certain success to sustaining a workout

Keep your objective in view!
Have an image of yourself being in a good physical condition which you are about to turn into. Visualize it!  Give your imagination a leg up: for example with a photo that displays your goal weight or another photo of the figure of your dreams and hang it on the fridge. 

Give it all!
Whatever it takes at the beginning to abide by your training plan, do it without any restraint – do not let any restraint being put on yourself! You may also get yourself a new jogging suit, if that’s what makes your Start easier. After a few training sessions, the fitness will become second nature to you.  If you are fine however with missing a training session, the whole motivation of the world will not play any role more. You need to stay motivated!

Program your inward voice!
Is your self confidence knocked down and covered in bruises? You believe you will not get the program through? Never ever? You need to have the right mentality at this point, because that is what comes in handy for you. Drown out your inward voice eating away at your self-confidence. Ease into laying it on thick! Or maybe better. Place a sticker for yourself on a clearly visible spot, on the bathroom mirror: “I will make it! Without fail! I am into it! I’ll go for it! That’s exactly what I need!”

Tip 02: Fitness for “intellectuals” and “moneybags”

Healthy nutrition? Activity? Fitness?
That’s not for you, but others may comfortably feel free to do it? You are just the “intellectual” type of guy, a real savourer? Let’s face it: aren’t your muscles not weak, your joints rusted and also your state of mind isn’t either as it used to be or could be?
What are the most common excuses? Fitness is too expensive, far away from here, I have simply no time for it. Our TIP: get yourself a gym membership -> just € 25, 00 monthly, and you can find there all you need for a better quality of your life…a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Tip 03: Preventing stiff muscles after the workout

How can I prevent getting muscles aches on the next day after the training session?
Our muscles experience a physical trauma that may lead to slight damages such as tearing of microscopically small muscle fibers. Apart from this, the muscles generate as an exertion byproduct – lactic acid (E-270) known also by the scientific name as hydroxypropionic acid. The combination of these phenomena is the cause of the next-day (after training) muscle stiffness.  It is exactly the abrupt termination of an extensive training the most common cause of that. Our TIPP: gentle stretching exercises and a bit of warm-down (not just worming up right ahead of the training, but also warming down afterwards), giving muscles a chance to supply with blood evenly and the lactic acid to break down.