1) General remarks

The house rules are binding upon all “gym” members.  By accessing the gym studio, each member acknowledges the regulation.  Every member is expected in all respects to do the gym’s staff binding for the maintenance of operational safety.

A breach of house rules may result with the club management enforcing a temporary or a permanent ban on entering the house and thus terminating the membership. This ban however does not discharge the member from the liability of sums already agreed, i.e. no restitution will be made. The gym management reserves in this regard the right to further legal actions.

The members must abstain from anything that is immoral and goes directly against maintenance of security, order or disturbing somebody’s rest. Especially loud moans/screaming that leads to the annoyance/botheration of other members shall be allowed on no account.

A smoking ban is placed throughout the gym facility. 

Taking photos and filming inside the gym premises is not allowed. Mobile phones should be operated in a low-sound mode.

Lost and found items should be reported and handed over to the gym staff. The lost and found times will be treated according to the provisions of the law.

2) Gaining admission and opening hours

Opening hours may be inferred from the respective notice. The opening hours may however be shortened without the possibility of any claim from the gym studio. Any access to the facility outside duty hours is forbidden.

Entering the gym is prohibited to:

Persons under the influence of intoxicating substances,

Persons in possession of prohibited items or substances,

Persons suffering from a reportable (subject to notification), contagious disease whereupon other persons would be likely to be put in jeopardy.

Both membership and access to the gym studio are not granted to the age-group below 14 (fourteen), unless otherwise decided by the gym management. Persons incapable of undressing and dressing themselves without the help of another may use the facility only with an accompanying person. The same applies to the children below 16 (sixteen) years of age, provided that the management considers it necessary.

Each gym member must be in possession of a valid membership card (except for single-entry members) at their entrance.

Members are obliged to gain their access by means of membership card placing it on the card reader or the fingerprint reader at the turnstile.

Damaged memberships card shall not be taken back, redeemed; respectively the member will not be refunded for the membership card charges at the end of his/her membership – the same goes for the lost membership cards whereat the deposit/bail sum will be held by gym as a mean of compensation.  The member in this case is obliged to obtain another membership card at his/her own costs in case of making further use of the facility. 

3) Liability

Each trainee uses the facility and its fitness equipments at its own risk. The member recognizes further that there are hazards connected with activities at the club, has a duty to act in safe and responsible way, and shall undertake with care and gentleness the fitness environment and equipments. Any property damage and costs arising from their negligence shall be attributed to the responsible person.

The club does not however assume any liability for any bodily injury and/or property damage suffered during an engagement in any exercise of activity, or by way of inappropriate use of machinery as a result. The club assumes neither any liability for the destruction, damage or lost of any member’s personal belonging/items. There shall be neither assumed any liability whatsoever by the club for the valuable and electronic items placed inside the locker room, nor if the items were secured/locked inside the safe lockers. Such items should be locked inside the available key cabinets placed at the disposal nearby the reception area. As for the valuable items, it is explicitly and expressly recommended not to bring them with you into the gym studio.  There will be neither any liability assumed by gym for the forgotten items or bailment.

Trading in any kind of products, or merchandising is not allowed to the gym guests or members inside the gym premises and outside it (gym parking lot). Bringing along, storing, passing on to somebody else or consumption of prohibited items is strictly forbidden; a charge shall be filed unexceptionally to the competent authorities and prosecuted. Parents shall be hold in this case responsible for their children

In cases of serious breach of discipline, ethics and/or misconduct, malicious destruction of property or/and house rules, the club management reserves the right to put a ban on entering the house against a specific member or a group of them, thus terminating its membership.

4) The use of gym premises

The management can limit a certain operation or constraint the use of the gym or its certain part of the facility. A temporary limitation of a certain facilities and service do not vindicate a relief, abetment or refund of the already paid membership fee or part thereof.

All members shall have on them appropriate sport clothes and clean indoor sport shoes which among other things do not leave scratches on the floor behind them. Entering gym and shower bath with outdoor shoes is forbidden.  For hygienic grounds each member ought to have clean sport clothes on. The sport activity without a T-shirt and decent indoor sport shoes is prohibited.

The use of the sweat towels in the gym is mandatory.  This is in particular necessary when on fitness equipments serving as a pad/under layer shielding from sweat impunity. Where necessary, specific equipment shall be cleaned with a disinfecting agent.

Soaping or using other body cleaning   agents outside the shower room is forbidden. The wash basin is exclusively and entirely meant for the hand wash. Any shaving whatsoever is forbidden across the entire facility.

For the purpose of storing your personal belonging there shall be provided a locker to be secured with a key of your own choice as long as it fits through the locker’s hole. It shall be strictly observed that locking your personal belongings (safekeeping) may last only for the duration of your training session. The lockers shall be emptied right after the training session at earliest opportunity. At the end of use the lockers are to be left clean and unlocked/open. 

Lose equipments or their components such as barbells, weights etc. should be placed back at their original place (weight racks).

The fitness equipment during set breaks must be made available to other individuals. No reservation of any equipment shall be allowed.

Staying inside the reception bar is exclusively reserved to the gym staff.

5) Exceptions

The house rules are applicable in general to the whole facility; however gym reserves the right to change them at any time where deemed appropriate.