1. What is the advantage of gym membership compared to other Fitness-Studios?

At gym you train monthly for 25 €, without an enrollment fee enjoying the state-of-the-art equipments. All in one price (no hidden costs). According to the concept: best price, best quality, best place and simple. In addition: 24/7 operation, parking space, commodious interior, air-conditioning system, professional shower system, aerobic room included in the price, boxing sacks, snack bar, capacious locker rooms, safe lockers,  stretching space, key lockers for your valuables (wrist watches, mobile phones), monitoring cameras both inside and outside around the hour.

2. Can I get a test session over here?

Yes. Get yourself a daily membership card for 5 €,–if you then conclude a membership contract within the same day of your test session, you get the above amount deducted from any of your membership option you consider, or that is to say shall be included in any membership option of your choice.

3. Can I bring a friend with me who wants to join me in gym for a day?

Yes. You can bring in friends at any time. The daily membership card shall apply to them in this case, and if they consider any membership option they will be subject to the above-described formalities.

4. Do I have to bring along a sweat towel and gym indoor shoes?

The usage of your own sweat towel is mandatory. This is necessary first and foremost on the equipments as an underlay serving as a protection against impurity. The members are under an obligation to wear proper sport clothing and clean gym indoor shoes the sole of which do not leave or mark the floor with stripes behind them.  The sport activity without a T-shirt and indoor gym shoes is prohibited.

5. Can I use the solarium and massage room without a gym subscription?

There is an independent admission granted to Solarium and gym massage room to anyone (also non-members) at a cheap rate!

6. What does the bank contract membership mean?

Gym has embraced the old initiative of the Kosovar Government and that of other EU member governments’ policy to combat the cash economy. We have therefore introduced from the very start of our establishment the consecutive bank payment option. This occurs by filling in a bank contract and signing it by the owner (authorizer) of that banking account.  As a latest method in this regards enjoying also the support of the IMF (International Monetary Found) is the bank payment method aka direct debit. DD involves consecutive payments made from your bank account into our gym account (occurring usually on the 1st of each consecutive month). A condition for the successful membership fee transfer (25 Euros) is the sufficient funds in your banking account current (not savings account!). 

The only reason for an execution failure of your funds into gym account is the lack of funds in your account. Each member must bear in mind herein of their own responsibility in case of such failure. In other words, your respective bank and you as the owner are the one that run a control over your banking account, not the company (gym)!

It is herewith strongly recommended for each client to carefully monitor the state of your banking account ahead of the due execution date.

As a result, any failure, inappropriate or undue execution of your funds shall remain a dispute between you and your bank to settle. 

Note: Each non-execution of the banking transfer (25 Euros) calls for the payment of the additional fee of 13 (thirteen) Euros required for the costs arising from administrative enrollment procedures!